Wristband Info

Please do not put on your RFID wristband until you are ready to go to the event. It will not loosen up if you do put it on, you’ll have to cut it off and get a replacement at Ticket Support when you arrive at the event.

There will be a $20 replacement charge for all reissued wristbands.

Please read and follow the complete list of instructions below…

  • There will be NO re-entry into Spring Awakening . Wristbands will only scan once per day.•Do Not put on your wristband until the day of event
  • Secure your wristband so its is not too loose or too tight
  • At the event, proceed directly to the entrance with wristband secured
  • If you have a multiple day pass, do not remove your wristband after the first or second day
  • There will be a $20 wristband replacement fee for lost, stolen or damaged wristbands: If you are the original purchaser, you must bring your wristband (if the issue is it’s too tight or damaged), confirmation email, and ID to the festival box office where you will be able to purchase a replacement wristband for $20.
  • Reminder: All Attendees must have a valid government issued photo ID showing they area 18+ by the date of the festival upon entry